Thermocouples Type K + E + J + T + N + S + B + R

We make Thermocouples according to user requirements.

Seguridad Eléctrica .com sells thermocouples for measuring systems and instruments.

To send a quote we need the following information:

  • Type: K, T, S, B, etc.
  • Wires:
    • 2 x 0,25mm teflón.
    • 2 x 0,50mm teflón.
    • etc.
  • Lenght: 1m, 2m, 3m, etc.
  • Terminal:
    • mini type of polarized and compensated parallel shovels.
    • Omega Type T male for couple (round pins).
    • etc.
  • Measurement points:
    • Cupper disc Ø15 ± 0,1mm
    • Stainless steel sheath Ø3mm x 80mm.
    • etc.


Thermocouples by SEcom Thermocouples by SEcom Thermocouples by SEcomThermocouples by SEcom